04 January 2006
2005-The year that didn't use lube

[All credit to Joelle for the title.]

OK, OK, it wasn't all bad... there was Continuum and London and lots of other cool things.


I'm sitting here with an icepack against my face, wishing I could drill my jawbone right out of my face and swallowing painkillers like they were candy.

I FUBAR-ed a tooth just before Christmas and I'm cranky, dammit!

I can't talk properly, my face feels swollen (it's not) and as if I've been smacked upside the head with a cricket bat.

Actually, that's not a bad idea... (I've already asked Ghost if he could punch me until the tooth came out. I was half serious.)

But 2005 had some spectacular lows, and not just for me. I've lost a family member, serious illness has sprung up on Ghost's side of the family, there is bad ju-ju in my own family and while my therapist expresses her continued pleasure with my growth and progress, that black dog is still at my heels and only little white pills are keeping him at bay.

I know there are plenty of people out there who are not sad to see the back end of 2005. Here's to a 2006 that r0xx0rs our little s0xx0rs off.

And to a dentist who uses lasers instead of drills. :(

ladymisstree • 08:16 PM

yey glad to hear your alive even if only kicking the dentist! Missed you! Did you try sucking a clove? not nice but does help with toothache and pain. Cx

chili told me at 11:52 PM on 05|01|06

Indeed - let 2006 be a good year for everyone! And may the tooth of misery stop hurting NOW... BECAUSE I SAID SO!

squeaks told me at 08:12 AM on 08|01|06

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