04 October 2005
A little disillusioned, I'm a little frail, everything's raw & it hurts to inhale

Angie Hart seems to be writing the soundtrack of my life recently, and a Splendid job she's doing of it too.

Back to the world of the chemically enhanced, I'm afraid. Hence the blog silence. Some periscope down time to sort out my head. But here is some random stuff to keep you entertained.

Why I Hate Flying

Only During Usability Testing...

Who said usability testing was dull?

Continuum photos to come, promise!

ladymisstree • 07:52 PM

Crap! I wrote something really witty and long but the comment box ate it. :-|

Missed you much, Cat

c told me at 08:48 PM on 05|10|05

I don't know where to start. A handbag accessorized with anal beads? The mind boggles. Usability testing was always the stage that sent me home angry when I used to work at a new media shop.

Dan Guy told me at 09:44 PM on 05|10|05

I know all about the hurts to inhale thing, I'm a tiny bit bruised after yesterday's car crash. Damn taxi drivers. My car seems headed for the great parking lot in the sky. :(

Matthew told me at 11:08 PM on 06|10|05

I work at an adult toy store, and we have the keys lashed to a string of anal beads. LOL.

shannon told me at 11:11 PM on 06|10|05

Hey, sweetie.

Sending you hugs and happy pumpkin-y thoughts (the round orange kind, not the fuzzy-headed, crawling madly kind).


Pammikins told me at 02:50 PM on 25|10|05

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