07 July 2002
A picture tells a thousand words

Just a quick update to let you know that the birthday and wedding photos are up.

I won't tell you where they are, you can just explore and find them. ;>

ladymisstree • 07:53 PM

Congrats! Great pictures!

sarahbell told me at 06:17 AM on 09|07|02

you're married? WOOOOHOOO! I can't find the pics. Am I stupid?

VeryModern told me at 11:05 PM on 10|07|02

Tree, you look gorgeous! I love the dress. The Late Night Thunderball isn't so bad. It sounds sort of sexy, even!

Maure told me at 04:45 AM on 11|07|02

The pictures are wonderful. You guys look very happy. Love the dress. You are so cute, Tree.

CatInTheMist told me at 05:31 AM on 11|07|02

I am back because someone emailed and tipped me. :P You look BEAUTIFUL. Congrats to you and your husband, who wrote a blog about you that I will never forget as long as I live.

VeryModern told me at 06:23 PM on 11|07|02


May your happiness reign long and hard in our universe....

kluless told me at 04:22 PM on 12|07|02

Oh thats just shite!

I thought talk of the wedding dress was just talk, like the love of your life being a dear lass named london (there-fore, she's a witch! burn her!)

I suppose copious drinking is in order then!

danielspaniel told me at 05:14 AM on 14|07|02

Great Pictures! You two look so cute :)

seberu told me at 07:25 AM on 27|07|02

Found them! V chuffed to see the pics, looks like it was a great day. You look stunning, and that whole red & black colour scheme is v cool.

milesawaygirl told me at 09:22 PM on 27|07|02

I enjoyed your other site, and especially your photos, very much. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding. Much happiness to you both! And you look maaaaahvelous in that dress. Really.

Now, I hope you saved us all a piece of cake?!!?! ;)

FemmeDeLaCreme told me at 03:15 PM on 31|07|02

Okay- I lose internet access in my home and sign off from xanga for a while, and everybody goes and gets married. Theres only one thing I have to say about that-


Now I'm off to find those wedding pictures.....

Jameson told me at 02:12 AM on 03|08|02

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