04 June 2002
Because we're worth it

Weigh in: 82/181 kg/lbs

A modest loss in the face of a brilliant batch of sugar cookies.

"So, is it all worth it?"

I've been hearing that a lot, lately.

Especially from my mother.

Here's the thing.

Ghost and I knew what we were getting into when he came over here.

I had contacted the immigration department and talked to several completely useless people who told me entirely the wrong things. And then we spoke to a lovely immigration expert who laid out the bare bones of the situation.

Ghost gave up his family, friends and job and flew tens of thousands of miles to be with me.

It's going to cost us about $4000 (not including airfares) to keep him here.

There are rigorous medical examinations, FBI checks and all sorts of poking around into our characters and backgrounds.

We have to provide more forms of identification and verification than you ever thought possible.

He will be out of work for months while the application is processed.

On top of all of this, we are going through all the joys and frustrations that any regular couple goes through when they move in together.

It's HARD.

But we knew that going in.

So if you find yourself feeling the need to ask if it is all worth it, ask yourself this. Would we be going through all this if it wasn't?

ladymisstree • 03:33 PM

yes it's HARD HARD HARD, the stuff you've got to go through I imagine not even a lot couples married lifelong would survive if put through in their early stages - but you know when it finally works, after all that shit: it really works. hang in there. all the best :)

loopdeloup told me at 04:08 PM on 04|06|02

And it will get better. Make sure you work on the 'friendship' part of the relationship to keep the good in balance with the bad. Nothing fancy just some 'we' time. I hope that it will all work towards what you want.

CatInTheMist told me at 06:07 AM on 05|06|02

You couldn't have said that any better.

Good luck...and congratulations for deciding to go through all this for your heart. (hugs)

SpellFire told me at 11:41 AM on 05|06|02

crazy. you'd think that by now people would just let you live wherever you choose to live, for whatever reason you choose to have... yay for you two though!

Maure told me at 04:30 PM on 06|06|02

Your heart leads you were you need to go, but you have to use your brain to figure it out from there. :)

jinxy told me at 04:30 PM on 07|06|02

This is the one nifty thing about long-distance relationships - you pretty much don't have to think too hard about the 'is it worth it?', because of course it is, else you wouldn't be putting in all the effort of travelling and so on, keeping it all going.

Fingers crossed for you for all the immigration hoo-hah.

milesawaygirl told me at 06:26 AM on 17|06|02

How the hell did I miss a new post? Oops.

I don't need to ask if it was worth it. I could see that it was The Thing.

That is was Necessary.

I just need to ask if you're happy. And if there's anything I can do to help.

*big housewarming smooches to you both!!!*

pamela_bird told me at 09:26 AM on 19|06|02

Rawr, love and cookies for you both!

thgd told me at 06:02 AM on 22|06|02

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