14 June 2005
Belated Meme-age

Before I get onto my well overdue meme-age (as tagged by the lovely JaNell quite some time ago), I'd just like to reassure my legion of readers that the photo in the previous entry was very carefully posed to make me look as much like Audrey, Sophia or Jackie as possible. After all, none of them were known for their double chins.

I think it's impossible for me to get that thin, even if I wanted to. So have no fear, I still have dangerous curves!

Now, on with the meme.

Total number of books I own
Enough that the collection is listed as a separate item on our insurance.

The last book I bought
Sadly, work related. But still a good read. Design for Community by Derek Powazek. Horrifically, I can't remember the last novel I bought.

The last book I read
A lovely, fluffy bit of romantic, detective trash, The Green Mill Murder by Kerry Greenwood, borrowed from my mum.

Five books that mean a lot to me
Imagica by Clive Barker
Sandman by Neil Gaiman (OK, technically that's a series of books, but it's my meme!)
Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Spares by Michael Marshall Smith

Since I'm so late with this, everyone's done it, so I won't tag anyone else. But if you've not done this one yet, feel free to join in.

ladymisstree • 08:02 PM

Regardless of how you posed yourself, you're gorgeous, of course. I'm fighting off a serious case of sunglasses-envy right now. heehee

Maure told me at 09:48 AM on 16|06|05

More please!

Carolyn told me at 12:07 AM on 04|07|05

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