17 February 2003
Boy or girl?

Confused? Let me help.

In this day and age of political correctness and gender confusion, it's easy for us to get confused about our sexuality and the role it plays in society.

With LadyMissTree's patented, one-step Gender Identification Test, you can discover the true you and relax.

All you need to do is answer this simple question and all will be revealed.

Ready? Let's go!

Imagine yourself in this scenario and then choose the answer that suits you best.

You get up and go into the bathroom to take a shower. The washing machine and dryer are located in the bathroom. You take off your sweatpants and underwear and go to throw them in the washing machine as you usually do, despite your partner begging you not to because it only means they have to reload the washing machine to run it later on. When you open the washing machine, you find that your partner has already done a load of washing before you got up and it is lying in the bottom of the machine, waiting to be thrown in the dryer. You:

(A) Sigh heavily, go to close the lid and dump your clothes on top of the dryer (your partner HATES that) but then realise that your sports bra is in the washing machine and you need it for tomorrow's circuit class, so you throw the lot into the dryer before dumping your gear in the wash and taking your shower.

(B) Close the lid figuring you'll deal with it later, dump your clothes on the dryer (your partner HATES that) and promptly forget about it, leaving the wet washing to turn utterly skanky and require washing again. But your partner can take care of that.

(C) Go into emergency action mode, separating the delicates and hanging them out to dry on the clothes rack, putting the other clothes in the dryer only after checking the label first to make sure they are safe to be tumble dried, tutting all the while at how grey the whites are.

Let's check your answers.

If you answered (A) then, congratulations, you're a girl!

If you answered (B) then you're obviously a boy.

If you answered (C) then you are my mum and I wish you would stop reading my blog!

ladymisstree • 10:21 PM

*grin* I answered ~A but I am a mum...do I have to stop reading? cute blog!

Chaos told me at 01:32 AM on 18|02|03

I'm a little sad to learn I'm a boy. ;)

valleyfrog told me at 02:23 AM on 18|02|03

Love the new look :)

Branna told me at 02:47 AM on 18|02|03

Love the new look! :)

By the way, you have another mum. I answered C. lol

SpellFire told me at 02:55 AM on 18|02|03

I'm a boy.

JaNell told me at 03:49 AM on 18|02|03

I answered (A), but I don't wear a sports bra. *confused*


SaintMahone told me at 10:44 AM on 18|02|03

Hooray, I'm a girl!! I suspected as much anyway, but it's nice to have confirmation.

FatAndFeisty told me at 10:44 AM on 18|02|03

Or... there is always the D option.

(D) While running the water for your shower you have an incident with splash and have to get your mop up. After mopping you undress and when you get ready to dispose of your dirty clothing, you find that the washer has a few odds and ends. You decide to take care of it after you're dressed.

You shower.

While drying, your other half comes home and has you "COME LOOOOOK!" at whatever new thing has caught his/her fancy. In this case, a new design for his/her weblog. After agreeing that it does indeed look spiffy you end up realising its time for dinner, which you go and prepare. During which you try to help him/her figure out how to make thier "eProp" symbol look like a cartoon. Then you serve up dinner, eat and watch some television with him/her. Having never stepped foot into the room with the alleged washer and dryer since the person in question came home and quite plainly begged you to "COME LOOOOOOK!". at which point are you to remember that there are clothes in the machine anyway?

If you answered (D) then guess what, you're human.

GhostWhoWalks told me at 02:09 PM on 18|02|03

hey i'm a girl! yippee!!

goMetric told me at 05:03 AM on 19|02|03

Hahahahaha -- I'm a girl, but I have some boyish tendencies. Having said that, today I am a domestic goddess! I cleaned like a mad woman, and now my boyish side is satisfied, because it absolves me for the next few months. Bwahahahaha!!

Maure told me at 08:55 AM on 19|02|03

hehehe - oh dear. I don't think his excuses wash well (unintentional) btw.

Hmm, the redesign may need fixing - all I can see is some nice pink trim, no pictures or anything.

milesawaygirl told me at 10:32 PM on 19|02|03

ummm.... i may be your mom. perhaps that's because my brother owns a laundromat, and i've learned to become extremely anal about the proper way to wash clothes. that, or i'm just as picky as an old lady :)
buttercup is my favorite!

fixingherhair told me at 11:15 PM on 19|02|03


loopdeloup told me at 01:20 AM on 22|02|03

I like the new look. It's fabopulous.

And I am not your mother! :P

CatInTheMist told me at 10:37 PM on 22|02|03

Wow...I've really got to get back to reading you again...forgot what damn good, entertaining stuff you've got going in here.... :)

Love and hugs...

leahtard told me at 02:19 PM on 03|03|03

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