11 December 2005

I have been promising photos from Continuum since, well, since July. Now I've finally got off my arse and here they are. Courtesy of Medge & Bean and Michelle, I present, Continuum, a story in pictures.

We join our heroes as they searched for the signing that usurped their initial lunch with the guest of honour. Tree really knew where she was going, really she did.


Not that she cared if anyone believed her or not.

While there were fortunately no pictures of the anal bleaching part of the debate, one of the participants was so empassioned, he could barely stay in his chair.

Our heroes retired to Tree and Ghost's room for philosophical discussion and hand flapping.

The silliness of the previous night pervaded the mood at breakfast the next morning.

Lunch, however, was much more serious.

That night, it took the girls some time to get ready for the masked ball, but the results were worth it.

There was fierce competition at the ball, including this English author chappie doing a terrific impression of potted plants. While Michael Moore didn't win a prize, the wolfman and Cap'n Jack were worthy winners.

Lunch on the second day was much sillier, with games of incy wincy spider, savage seafood, head banging photos and the return of devil bunny.

The lovely Ms Campbell looked on in bemusement as we chatted, grinned and had a good time.

There was evidence after lunch that the guest of honour still had at least one hand. And it wasn't just the guest of honour readings that kept the crowds entertained.

Good things can't last forever, and the con had to come to a close. But the silliness continued as Neil ulitimately realised what a mistake it was to try to share a Caramello Koala. He also posed for what is possibly the worst photo of him ever taken.

Poppy Z Brite proved she should not be left to her own devices, ever.

Our heroes retired for a well earned meal and the evening culminated with Reg and Tree posing for the photo that will ultimately appear on their upcoming album Rum, Thingies and the Lash.

The End

ladymisstree • 07:34 PM


Welcome back. Loving the pic of you in the black outfit on the street. Fabbo!

Beckie told me at 09:53 PM on 11|12|05

Brava! Brava!

Looks like everyone had a smashing good time :)

Rebecca told me at 12:03 AM on 12|12|05

Yay!!!! I *knew* you would beat me to it. Now I don't have to make up my own version of the Continuum photo story because I can just link to yours! (insert evil grin here)

Seriously - you're a wonderfully silly story teller and the report is absolutely fab! Thank you. :)

(and I still want Ms. Bean's camera!)

squeaks told me at 05:29 AM on 12|12|05

Damn, but you look fabulous, lady.

You even diverted my attention from that author chappie for a few minutes.

And where *was* his other hand?

I really need to stop by your journal more often. Any chance of an RSS feed to livejournal?

Kali Nichta told me at 12:26 PM on 12|12|05

Lovely photos and very entertaining write-up. Good stuff.

Eden told me at 12:53 PM on 12|12|05

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