28 January 2003
Going berserk with glee

I've signed up for not one, but two belly dance classes this term, credit card be damned. One is my regular troupe gig, just keeping my hand in and learning and practicing movements as part of choreographies. We tend to dance to non-traditional music (Stereo MCs, Transglobal Underground, etc) and it's all a lot of fun.

But my new class has got me grinning with glee.

Cabaret Pop!

It's glam and camp and festooned with sequins.

It's cheesy and trashy and utterly, utterly fabulous.

I can't wait for classes to start.

I can't wait for the next Underbelly Bazaar where I can shimmy my sequined booty to my heart's content.

Dancing is how I connect my head to my body. The work I do is entirely intellectual. My body just sits in a chair and I curse it when it seizes up and causes me pain in retaliation for sitting hunched over a keyboard all day.

Belly dance reminds me that there is a graceful, flexible and sensual body hanging off the end of my neck and connects my brain back to my physical self. I love feeling the stretch and play of my muscles, the wobble of a good shimmy, the strength and grace of my posture. I love losing myself in the music.

It makes me love my body for what it is. I appreciate the strength of my thighs because they are the foundation for all my moves. I love the curve of my belly and the way my bum jiggles when I shimmy. I love the roundness of my hips and the way they accentuate my moves. Flat abs? Who needs 'em?

I love that if I set my mind to it, I can seduce the 'Exit' sign right off the wall. That I can dance as good as chocolate sauce tastes. That a friend once told me that she thought I was having an orgasm onstage because I looked like I was enjoying what I was doing so much.

But it's not just what the dance does for me.

For our last class of 2002, my teacher put on Shakira's 'Wherever, Whenever' and the whole class sent up the video and danced moves that would make Shakira alternately blush or go green with envy. We laughed and messed about and played and danced and danced and danced.

It was utter bliss.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is ultimately what it is all about.

Here's to bliss, sequins and shaking your booty like there is no tomorrow.

ladymisstree • 10:18 PM

"Dancing is how I connect my head to my body."

I've fumbled for an explanation before, but never found a better way than this of saying just that. Myself, I am such a creature of reserve, that bodily exertion is nearly a reaffirmation of the fact that I even physically exist. Not long ago a prospect invited me to go paintballing. I was game, and did end up landing the deal, but what was most exhilarating was the gradual mental shift I underwent from spectator to participant. From watching, to doing.

Great post!

SaintMahone told me at 01:53 AM on 29|01|03

I'm so jealous!!!

Next time you dance in public can I come? Can I? Please?!

I must get fit, I must, I must, I wanna so I can come jiggle my butt with you. (although while you look graceful, I'll look spastic, cause I'm a bit un-co).

deevaa told me at 08:53 AM on 29|01|03

Wow...that kinda makes me want to try that. How'd you start doing this??

SpellFire told me at 09:11 AM on 29|01|03

Awesome! I've always wanted to take belly dancing lessons, maybe this summer when I have some more cash and I finally get the hang of yoga. Enjoy yourself! :)

Branna told me at 11:19 AM on 29|01|03

Its called 'wining' in the West Indies, as in 'watch she wine she waist' (wind!)

Its supposed to be a reasonably good indicator of bed-performance for both men and women.

SavonDuJour told me at 11:47 PM on 29|01|03

I love belly dancing. And I'm enrolled in two classes, too! (One is cabaret style, the other is gypsy tribal dance.) My body, while not devoid of plumpness is in the best shape it's ever been. I love it, I love to dance, and when I'm out there, you couldn't get me off the dance floor with a crowbar.

I also absolutely totally LOVE sequins and coins. Good stuff!

FemmeDeLaCreme told me at 12:06 PM on 30|01|03

WOW...you know i've never really put a whole lot of thought into it, but you're right, bellydance IS my way of connecting my head to the rest of my body. or it WILL be once my muscles get a little further developed. glad femme pointed me your way...=O)

goMetric told me at 03:45 AM on 31|01|03

Whoohoo! You go with your sequinned self!!

Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty!

emerging told me at 10:46 AM on 31|01|03

That's it! I MUST have a belly dancing video!

I wanna shimmy tooooooo! ;)

MrsBastage told me at 08:48 AM on 01|02|03

going beserk with jealousy :P

definite addition to my list of things to see next trip homeswards: LMT shakin her besequinned booty :D

loopdeloup told me at 07:32 AM on 03|02|03

"Credit card be damned">>> Bad business.
"shaking your booty like theres no tomorrow">>>Good Business.


Sail on.... sail on!!!

dreadpirate told me at 01:14 PM on 03|02|03

sigh you made me really miss belly dancing!! I need to get back into it as soon as I find FIVE FREAKING SPARE MINUTES! I'll shut up I'm just jealous! You shimmy for me too, K?

zoodom told me at 04:00 PM on 03|02|03

Tree - I have been reading you for a while now and you always have great tales to tell about your Belly Dancing classes.

My gym is starting classes on 22 February - I am going to try it!

I'll let you know how I go.

Isles told me at 08:29 AM on 06|02|03

Are you still belly dancing?

CatInTheMist told me at 11:52 PM on 23|04|03

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