22 January 2003
I don't fucking believe this

Go here. NOW. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Have a look at what this stuff is called and protest about it here.

If this is a hoax and I've been suckered in, then I apologise for wasting your time. But if it is for real, this has to be stopped.

What's next? Purgatives called Bulimian?

Note: The links have been removed from this entry as the product, a weight loss pill called 'Anorex' by Klein Becker, has been discontinued.


ladymisstree • 09:24 AM

Oh brother. Now I have seen everything. Excuse me, but those FUCKERS.

VeryModern told me at 09:41 AM on 22|01|03

it says "gives you control..."

Oh maaaaaaan.

VeryModern told me at 09:42 AM on 22|01|03

I do not share your urgency in confronting this situation- such scams that prey on the weak are commonplace, and those lured in by such claims share some burden of responsibility for their lack of judgment. Nevertheless, did you notice that the BBB link at the bottom of the page is false?

SaintMahone told me at 09:43 AM on 22|01|03

Begging pardon, I phrased that incorrectly. Instead of "prey on the weak" I meant "prey on weakness."

SaintMahone told me at 09:45 AM on 22|01|03

I agree with SaintMahone.

However, that said, I think the NAME of the stuff is HORRENDOUS. Just the name ALONE is enough to upset ANYBODY!

However, I read the entire page and nowhere does it say that HOW it is used. Only that it is in PILL FORM. I mean, it may indeed be a breakthrough drug, although I'm wary of things that say "Anorex dramatically interferes with the process of converting calories to fat by upsetting genetically programmed reduction in the normal lipolytic cycle." As an editor, I am upset by the word "dramatic" and "upsetting". And what are the usual side effects to this med? I mean, I see the disclaimer below, but ALL medications in the U.S. seem to have those.

I'm torn on how I feel about this. I don't like the name and I don't like the wording they used in the article. And I don't imagine it's ENTIRELY healthy for you to take. However, that said, it could also potentially help people who are obese, in more ways than one (physical condition, emotional, etc.)

I apologize for my ignorance if there was a point you were making and I completely and utterly MISSED it somehow.

FemmeDeLaCreme told me at 09:52 AM on 22|01|03

I do agree with you that the name is horrific. They could NOT have picked a worse name.

And I am with you on the diet pills thingie, although I'm not adverse to trying new things. (Not that *I* would be a candidate, as I don't suffer from obesity, but you know what I mean. If I *did*, I might try it.)

However, generally, I'm of the old-fashioned mindset that a person just needs solid movement (walking, cycling, dancing, whatever) and needs to eat well. So I do agree with you.

FemmeDeLaCreme told me at 03:47 PM on 22|01|03


deevaa told me at 05:44 PM on 22|01|03

Good God, isn't THAT just lovely?! I'm with you I hope like hell its a HOAX and not for real because if it is??!!!!

zoodom told me at 01:41 AM on 23|01|03

for the love of god....they've GOT to be kidding!

SpellFire told me at 05:39 AM on 23|01|03

It has to be a joke, because it's really funny. If it's not a joke, the person who is marketing it should be fired, then shot. Or shot, and then fired. Something. But I have to admit that I laughed when I saw it.

Maure told me at 06:55 AM on 23|01|03

Looked them up and it's a real company, there is nothing on Snopes.com about it at all, and they have a pretty detailed product listing, including a product for children called Pedi-lean. It real,...real sick in their marketing

Jinxy told me at 12:33 PM on 23|01|03

Utra tacky. :(

CatInTheMist told me at 08:42 PM on 23|01|03

Oh my goodness! *shirley temple voice*

Look at the pictures, it has to be a fake! Nobody wanks as much as american marketeers.

Take that Subway guy Jared, "hi jared", do you really think he has girlfriends that drool on his every word? "Results not typical, girlfriends not included."

danielspaniel told me at 09:38 PM on 23|01|03

Ick. Done & done

milesawaygirl told me at 01:21 AM on 24|01|03

Hmm.. as a person who has experienced an eating disorder, I am always appalled by such products and the negligent companies selling them.

On the other hand, I feel I must play devil's advocate regarding the name. Anorexia, by definition, is loss of appetite. Anorexia nervosa, on the other hand, is an illness. People have come to associate one with the other.

In conclusion ;), the whole diet industry sucks, as does advertising. No pun intended, but it actually makes me want to vomit. :P

emerging told me at 01:18 PM on 24|01|03

Ugh. Hoax or not, that's just... ugh. :P

Branna told me at 12:16 PM on 26|01|03


It's not a joke. That much I can tell you.

I do have to say though - the clinical name for weight loss drugs IS actually "anorexigens", and this may have influenced the brand naming process.

I'm wondering if you remember the chaos regarding Phen-fen - well, I worked for Wyeth (the distributor), and I worked for so long with cardiologists regarding anorexigens, it became a common term in my daily vocabulary....I now have a habit of associating the word with "uh oh", "problems" and "health concern".

My opinion (not that you asked! hehehe)...is that there are currently NO proven weight loss drugs on the market that are safe enough to be available to a mass market.


MrsBastage told me at 08:46 AM on 01|02|03

Uhh.. what MrsBastage said. I came here to say #1 Nope, its not a hoax, and #2 the term anorexia comes from the latin (or something) root anorex meaning weight loss, so a weight loss drug with that name is referring to that, not to the illness. The drug is very popular with people with eating disorders, but I don't know one fat person who has used it to lose weight. Not that that means there aren't any. This same company sells something aimed at kids and teens- the marketing tells parents how embarrassing it is for them to have a heavy child, how people judge them for it. Evil and brilliant.

FatAndFeisty told me at 01:14 AM on 07|02|03

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