11 April 2005
It was only a matter of time

I have a bite on my neck.

The prince of darkness is back, and he's a mosquito.

Note to self: make sure I'm buried with my head cut off, my mouth stuffed with garlic, a stake in my heart and a citronella candle.

ladymisstree • 11:34 PM

Dear Miss Tree, I seem to have fallen off your update me when you update you list.

May pout if this issue is not fixed STAT.

Yes, this is a threat.

Very much liking new skin.

Lots of love,

short deevaa-like-wanna-be-artist-chick/friend.

deevaa told me at 04:47 PM on 12|04|05

Mosquitos don't like my blood. I rarely get bitten.

Poor you!

MALA told me at 12:22 PM on 16|04|05

God, this new skin is so sexy! And a bit daylightier, too. Does this mean we're feeling a bit sunnier, these days?

We got a surprise in the mail today!!! And the timing was so perfect, because Caitlin was such a brave little trooper, for her first immunization shots today, and she deserved a special treat! YAY for Auntie Tree!!!


Mommy and Punkin

Pammikins told me at 03:00 PM on 23|04|05

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