08 December 2005
Mirrors, Masks and Uninvited Guests

Wheeeee! Today I finally got to see MirrorMask!

I discovered, through the lovely DrJon's blog, that the Melbourne Science Fiction Club had organised a screening at the Cinema Nova. (Other Melbourne readers can still catch it, it's running there for a week, along with the Hoyts in George St Sydney for my friends north of the border.)

I spotted both DrJon and Baralier, but I wasn't being particularly social, so I didn't say hello. [waves] Hello!

There was a lovely raffle with posters, a MirrorMask book and other sundries. We won a poster and would have won another prize, but I said they could draw our ticket again. One goodie was enough for us.

The movie was totally beautimous. Much eye candy and Dave McKean illustrates the screen gorgeously. Some of the lines had the audience in stitches and it all sounded terribly Neil-ish. I left feeling quite entertained and thinking that a copy on DVD would go down very nicely thank you very much.

Yesterday brought a couple more welcome pics from the UK. Here's a good one of the blushing bride with some random wedding crasher. [grin]

ladymisstree • 08:36 PM

Could that grin be bigger? *grinning with ya*

deevaa told me at 09:00 PM on 08|12|05

OMG. What a lovely LOVELY photograph!

FemmeDeLaCreme told me at 02:21 AM on 09|12|05

Yay for Mirromasky goodness!

And excellent photo. :)

squeaks told me at 03:12 PM on 09|12|05

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