12 July 2005
Penises, Penguins & Girl Scout Cookies

Dear Big Brother

I am writing to say that I was shocked, horrified and appalled by your most recent episode of Big Brother Uncut (a compilation of the naughty bits of Big Brother that can't be screened during prime time).

I don't know what sort of message you were trying to send, but I was embarrassed in front of an overseas visitor while watching your program.


Because there was not a single willie to be seen! SCANDALOUS!

For weeks, there have been boobs, wangs, butts and girl bits all over my TV on Monday night. A plethora of naked flesh has been there for us to enjoy. So, when I turn on your show to demonstrate to my guest the sort of thing us crazy Aussies will show on TV, what do we get instead of rude bits? We get boring segments about vaginal wash, Cleveland Steamers and which contestants will take it up the arse. Yawn.

Please bring back the willies.



P.S. Yes, the lovely Margret is safely ensconced at Chez Tree & Ghost and very much enjoyed going down to Phillip Island to see the penguins. Even if it was bloody freezing and we had to wait ages before we could get up close and personal with them.

She also enjoyed going to the giant earthworm display, even though there were no giant earthworms, just wombats to pet, kangaroos to feed and psychotic alpacas. But there was no worm porn, nor did Tree end up swapping spit with any marsupials.

And we very much appreciate the Girl Scout Cookies she brought with her. Mmmm, Girl Scout Cookies...

ladymisstree • 05:21 PM

I take it Ghost still hasn't purchased a penguin-watching jacket? ;P

See you soon!

squeaks told me at 03:41 AM on 13|07|05

Seems like that's the perfect weather to visit penguins in. :-D

Bill^2 told me at 08:09 AM on 14|07|05

I am so dense it has taken me until now to realize that the cliffhanger post over at Callipygian was the END of the Blog. Or is it?
Just wondering how it's going....

librarianontheloose(elaine) told me at 06:22 AM on 18|07|05

Yey to penguins. It was bloody cold when I was there too. Still makes me laugh when I think of the poor penguins being illegally flashed by tourists and then trying to waddle along half-blindly!

Chili told me at 05:46 AM on 25|07|05

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