06 December 2005
Photographic Memory

Periscope up!

So, what did you get up to in November, me?

Well, me, let me tell you...

A couple of months ago, the company organised a bowling night. My talent, or lack there of (although I did finish the night with a turkey--three strikes in a row), was noted (it's all in how you hold your little finger) and somehow I was shanghaied into participating in a ten pin bowling team for the Australian Corporate Games.

I also signed up for this. Ghost thought I was completely mad.

Because I planned to write 50,000 words in 30 days?

Hell no, I was going to do it in 20 days.

You see, on the 22nd of November, I was flying 17,000km to surprise the very divine Chiliflower (who you may remember from such adventures as 'starring' in a movie, getting old or getting hitched) for her wedding.

So, while I was writing like a demon and preparing to fly to London, I was also training for the games on the 20th.

OK, he's right. I AM completely mad.

However, it all came together. I managed to bowl half-way decently. When I was good, I was very, very good, when I was bad I was horrid. And sometimes it was just too unfair.

We acquitted ourselves decently and managed not to come last!

In the meantime, I also managed to finish Nano, just in time to get on a plane.


The look on Chili's face when she opened the front door (expecting the gas man) was priceless. I only wish I had a photo of it to show you. Imagine a goldfish with blonde hair, then imagine it bursting into tears.

Totally worth five screaming babies between Melbourne and Dubai (who knew the little suckers could make that amount of noise for 14 straight hours?).

For the record, both Guy (her partner) and her parents knew I was coming, I wasn't just going to lob up and expect a seat at the wedding!

Once she had recovered from the shock, we hung about being silly, checking out the scenery and meeting some of the locals.

Oh, and there were some wedding preparations, too.

But this was the real reason I was there.

The ceremony was gorgeous. I had no time to cry, I was too busy grinning with glee. They were so happy together and it was all so wonderful that grinning was all I could manage. The two of them just looked so glorious.

The reception was wonderful and the rest of the trip was amazing.

If it wasn't for the rotten cold (which I managed to give to the happy couple) and the fact that I'm blue because I miss them even more than before, it would have been the perfect trip.

In the meantime, I shall just charge Ghost with the solemn duty of locating a decent webcam and a copy of the latest version of Skype!

Oh, and finally get some sleep...

ladymisstree • 04:52 PM

Congrats to your mate, she & her fella look wonderful together.

November for me was basically 'stop the world I want to get off!'. Actually, December so far is much the same.

Discovered your RSS feed so now I will never again turn up here too late to comment :)

Maria told me at 10:53 PM on 06|12|05

What do I think? I think you're completely bonkers... but you knew that already... and look who's talking.

I finished my nano over about 15 days (a few of those days were 9K+ each), while prepping for class projects, dealing with morning sickness, and trying not to kill obnoxious family. It's not quite as taxing as flying across the world, but the idiots in a couple of my classes might give your infants a run for their money. ;)

Glad your home and that Chili looked fishy. :D The wedding photos are gorgeous. Yay for the happy couple!

squeaks told me at 05:51 AM on 07|12|05

Huzzah for Chilli and her Guy! They looked sensational and I join with everyone else who knows them in wishing them every happiness for the future.

And it sounds like you have had a rather busy month. I hope it's helped you blow the Winter blues out of your system and that apart from jetlag, you are back to tpop form and ready t rule the world.

Reg told me at 04:37 PM on 07|12|05

Yay from the still *blushing* bride to Tree for the huge effort despite bowling, NaNoRiMo, sniffles and huge distances for making the effort knock me sideways with surprise! Grinning for eva! Luv you always!

Chili told me at 07:26 PM on 07|12|05

Hurrah! You aren't dead!

Loz told me at 10:25 PM on 12|12|05

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