26 May 2005
That Kind of Woman

You know what's really nice?

Arriving at work in your new sunglasses and triggering an argument amongst the guys about whether you look more like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in them...

Judge for yourself.

ladymisstree • 10:38 PM

Hollllly crap.........skinny mini!
I say Audrey Hepburn.

and Let me know about the fitness thingy.

robynf told me at 11:34 PM on 26|05|05

Sophia. Definitely.

Rebecca told me at 06:15 AM on 28|05|05

I'm leaning toward Sophia, though if your hair was in an up-do, I'd probably say Audrey.

Don't you like those kinds of arguments?:)

squeaks told me at 03:09 PM on 28|05|05

Sophia Loren, definitely
You look HOT! Damn but you have come a long way - where is your chin? It's gone! You have a chiselled sculpture instead! And those cheekbones!!
Ooops, rabbitting on. Stopped now

LBTEPA told me at 03:19 PM on 31|05|05

I'm thinking Jackie. And not just to be the odd girl in the crowd.

I'm also thinkin'... HOLY FRJOLES, GIRLFRIEND!!! My goddess, you look MARVELOUS, darling!

Thanks SO much for all the comments, babe. Sorry I don't get time to answer back too often.

But Big Hugs from me and sweet little open-mouthed, drooly baby kisses from the Pumpkin Girl to you!


Pammikins told me at 12:56 PM on 03|06|05

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