17 April 2001
The grown up police

I'm worried.

I'm worried they are going to come tapping on my door.

On Saturday morning, they are going to arrive on my doorstep dressed in proper, dour suits with briefcases in hand. There will be a case file in the briefcase that they will have read extensively and made notes on in neat, precise handwriting.

I will answer my door, probably in a Buffy t-shirt with bed-head and platform, faux leopardskin slippers. They will shake their heads and frowns will tighten their brows. Some of them will tut at me.

They will take me inside and put me in a nice cotton nightie and proper slippers.

They will come into my rented apartment and tut at the temporary Ikea furniture and Sandman art on the walls. They will take away my long boxes of comics, my PowerPuff dollies, my toy box and my Buffy and X-Files videos and DVDs.

While they are doing that, another troop will be clearing my desk at work, removing Spooky, the thing what squeaks and the Death and Dream figures and taking down the silly postcards.

Who are they?

The Grown-Up Police.

On Saturday, I can no longer officially get away with not being a grown-up. At the end of this week, I will be the sort of age that people figure (or even hope, in my mother's case) that you have settled down with a nice significant other, are looking at house repayments for the rest of your life and have 2.5 pets or picket fences or something.

I'm not a grown-up. I don't save, I don't want to buy a house. I have a lovely significant other, but we have an long distance relationship and I don't get to see him until July, let alone settle down with him. And while I'd love to have a kitty or a dog, my landlord won't let me and I certainly don't want 2.5 of them. And picket fences are high maintenance.

I'm not a grown-up.

I don't want to be a grown-up.

I don't want people to look at me and wonder why I don't have all the things people think you should at this age.

I think I'm going to turn 25 on Saturday and play with my toys instead.

ladymisstree • 10:10 AM

Yessir, 25 is a scary number, i keep telling myself thats all it is and i'll stop freaking about it, erm, one day, when i'm not so neurotic!

The grown up police aren't to be messed with, but neither is the Buffster in fake leopardskin! :oP

danielspaniel told me at 12:24 PM on 28|04|01

I wish I was only turning 25... :(

But embracing my inner Buffy will keep the grown-up police from my door. Or maybe I can just bludgeon them to death with my Buffy videos...

Tree told me at 12:15 PM on 30|04|01

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