25 August 2005
Today’s too much for you

You know those days where you have to fly interstate for work and there is terrible turbulance, causing several runways at your destination to be closed and keeping you in the bumpy air for an extra 20 minutes and you're working on a project that you haven't been properly briefed on and you find yourself in a room full of grumpy clients and you have no idea what you're there for and they aren't giving anything away and you have to wing it and you know it's going disasterously (and you find out later that the client agrees) and afterwards your cab driver can't get you to where you're staying and you're locked out anyway and you have to sit on your suitcase on the street waiting for someone to let you in and your project manager isn't answering his phone so he can help dig you out of this hole you're in and you end up going out for dinner only to realise you're walking slap bang through the bad part of town and when you make it back to your room in one piece you get a phone call from your brother telling you that he and his partner have 30 days to move out of the apartment they moved into only a month ago because their landlord defaulted on his mortgage and you finally go to bed only to discover that you've been wearing your underwear sideways?

Yeah, I hate those days.

ladymisstree • 10:42 PM

No wonder it was a bad day! You screwed your underware mojo up!

deevaa told me at 09:13 AM on 26|08|05

It was actually 28 days to move out - stoopid landlord!


thebassetthound told me at 08:00 PM on 28|08|05

Yikes. I've had those kinds of things happen, but usually not all in the same day. Those are the kinds of days that amaretto sours were positively made for.

Bill^2 told me at 12:34 AM on 30|08|05

Damn Sunshine, well it could always be worse, you didn't break a nail.
I'm sure you looked fab, sitting there on your suitcase!

Jinxy told me at 02:23 PM on 03|09|05

Yeah, I've had days just like that. :-P

Cat told me at 12:52 PM on 04|09|05

What do I think?

I think I miss you.

Beckie told me at 10:08 PM on 08|09|05

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