22 January 2006

It was difficult to drag myself out of bed this morning. After spending a stifling night in some of the hottest weather on record, I was not looking forward to the 41C/106F day ahead.

Relief was had as I walked into the kitchen and inhaled the magnificent smell of the ripening stone fruit on my windowsill.

Fresh mangoes, apricots, nectarines and peaches were warming in the morning sun and releasing their gorgeous fragrance into the room.

I selected one of the mangoes and it sat heavy, juicy and ripe in the palm of my hand.

I carefully sliced each side off the stone and slit the flesh so that it would fold out into perfect cubes of orange flesh.

I peeled off the rest of the skin and sucked the flesh from the stone, sweet juice dripping down my chin.

I scraped the rest of the delicious flesh off the slices with my teeth and luxuriated in the beautiful perfumed flavour.

The only problem with mangoes is that the flesh tends to be a little stringy sometimes. Sure enough, I had some mango flesh caught between my teeth. So I trooped into the bathroom to carefully floss my teeth.

And flicked half of my root canal-ed tooth across the bathroom.


ladymisstree • 08:30 PM

You poor thing. I'm getting the impression that mangos don't like you, regardless of how you feel about them.

Rebecca told me at 10:47 PM on 22|01|06

Oh, ow. I've had half a tooth before, and it's no fun whatsoever. *hug*

Bill^2 told me at 01:12 AM on 24|01|06

The boy is at the dentist as I type this and I'm now suddenly concerned that it will be more than just a cleaning. Ugh.

Wandering around with half a tooth sucks. I managed to pop off a temporary crown before I could have the "permanent" one placed. You have my sympathies. Though it could be worse for you - at least the root canal means that you don't have nasty exposed nerve endings to deal with in addition to only having half a tooth. Thankfully mine wasn't so bad, but I've heard stories. Ouch!

squeaks told me at 04:44 AM on 26|01|06

ohhhh pooooor poooor you. 41 degrees AND unpleasant teeth issues you deserve all my sympathies!

chili told me at 09:13 PM on 26|01|06

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ephedra told me at 04:00 PM on 14|02|06

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