25 June 2002
White damask tablecloths

Weigh in: 84/185 (kg/lbs)

Ouch. I wish that was hormonal but I think it had more to do with Baskin Robbins Cookie Dough ice cream than anything else.

In my family, it is traditional that when a girl gets married, her maternal grandmother gives her a white damask tablecloth.

My maternal grandmother died 10 years ago.

But my mother gave me a white damask tablecloth on the weekend...

ladymisstree • 12:33 PM


Wow. Congratulations, and much love to you both.

lucy_anne told me at 12:55 AM on 26|06|02

That sounds lovely. Don't fash yourself over a couple of lbs...er...kilos.

You are an hour glass babe, ya know.

CatInTheMist told me at 12:40 PM on 26|06|02

Tree -

That is awesome! Or are we all reading too much in to this one?

Isles xxx

Isles told me at 01:27 PM on 26|06|02

OH MY GOODNESS!! REALLY?? Did it mean what it was supposed to mean??

Oh Tree, happy happiness to both of you!! How extremely exciting! Oh my goodness. That's fantastic! This makes me happier than my new pretty underwear did!

Maure told me at 01:31 PM on 26|06|02

OH WOW, is SOMEONE getting married!??!?!? Very very wonderfully exciting. So happy for you. Hooray for LOVE!!!

rosewalker told me at 03:09 AM on 27|06|02

Holy shit...Welcome to the family then. Do I get to kiss the bride?

rhaego told me at 04:56 AM on 27|06|02


Is that much like a doiley? Time to get out the knitting needles! Yay!

danielspaniel told me at 06:40 PM on 27|06|02


Does this mean I need to change the address on a certain package?

Very much coolness, and warm fuzzies all around!

bill_squared told me at 05:44 AM on 28|06|02

Congratulations to both of you!

milesawaygirl told me at 09:05 PM on 28|06|02

*big, big eyes*



* * MARRIED?!? **

Or is that, like, an interpretive response to setting up house with your man?

Either way... how utterly lovely of your mom to give you the gift of her blessing.

Not to mention that white damask tablecloths are a fine thing just in themselves.

*smooches and many wishes for happiness*

pamela_bird told me at 09:22 AM on 29|06|02

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