09 January 2006
:: Back on track ::

A 1.7kg (3.7lb) loss in my first week, just by eating sensibly and drinking all my water?

I'll take that.

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03 January 2006
:: Why I like being fat ::


I bet you weren't expecting a title like that.

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02 January 2006
:: The hardest entry I've ever had to write ::

Happy New Year.

I'm back.

And this really is the hardest blog entry I've ever had to write.

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26 May 2005
:: My Life: The Movie ::


TREE is sitting at a table, staring at a glass of water. She looks nervous, like she's about to do something that she feels very uncomfortable doing. Her eyes dart to the door whenever somebody comes in.

The door is flung open, letting in a gust of cold air. HER FRIEND has arrived. She could be TREE'S identical twin, except she's 30kg heavier. She walks in like she owns the place, casting a hungry eye over the cakes on the counter. She approaches TREE'S table.

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17 May 2005
:: Blog-iversary ::

Apologies for going periscope down last week. I wasn't proud of my performance and didn't want to face the music. But I am back and I'm looking to pick your brains.

It was my blog-iversary on Saturday. A somewhat bittersweet one at that.

Why bittersweet?

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