25 August 2004
:: Validate Me! ::

"But that's enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?"

Ahhh, external validation, the eternal bitch goddess. Oh, how we grovel at her feet, craving her slightest attention, the smaller number on the scales, the tape measure or the clothing label. When she denies us, how we weep and wail and stuff ourselves with the wrong sort of food and refuse to exercise because what's the point?

How we all aim for that holiest of holies, the holy grail of external validation, the comment of a friend.

Is it any wonder some days you feel you're going insane?

I'm as guilty as anyone of craving this stuff. Sure, I'll spout the party line. Don't weigh yourself every day, measure yourself so you can see results there if the scales aren't moving, blah, blah, blah.

But I'm an utter hypocrite.

(For the record, I don't weigh myself daily, but if the scale doesn't go down once a week, the bottom goes out of my world.)

I want the same validation everyone else does. Today, my ultimate craving was satisfied.

You see, most of the people I know see me too regularly enough to notice any big change. The loss is gradual and so their comments tend to be, "Have you lost more weight?" and the like.

Today I went to lunch with some work friends who haven't seen me since March of this year.

I've never been so happy to be called a 'skinny bitch' in all my life. Oh, it felt so GOOD!

Here's to many more jealous insults!

ladymisstree | 03:57 PM | Take a bite (5)

Now I can call you a lucky skinny bitch -- nobody's noticed my 10lbs!


Good work, girl -- keep it up.

Served up by Kim at 02:26 on 26|08|04

Love it! lol that must have madeu feelso good! last week i had a friend whoi hadn't seen for months tell me i am looking good and that i am fading away. then 2 days after that someone else also said the same thing. we do crave the recognition and compliments, but so we should!! lol we are working so damn hard to get this weight off, our efforts deserve to be rewarded!! CONGRATS on your fantastic SKINNY BITCH moment :) :) :)

Served up by Angel at 10:44 on 26|08|04

there's a lady i used to work with (the one i'm taking dance classes with) and she didn't stick with WW and i did. whenever she says "i hate your guts" i smile because i know what she's really saying...and i say "i love it when you say that" because it's like being called a skinny bitch!

Served up by pam at 11:46 on 26|08|04

Wow never before have I wanted to be called a b*tch as I do now....so long as it's a skinny b*tch!! lol Congrats on the compliments...you are right that our desire for them may be ill placed but gosh darn they feel good *wink* :)

Served up by Paulene at 04:09 on 26|08|04

The validation 'blah' is our nature. We are all divas at heart who crave being called a skinny bitch. I love it when women say it like it's a bad thing ;)

Served up by Beckie at 04:01 on 03|09|04